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The law was that the hetrosexual age of consent was 16 and gay men 21 - and nothing for lesbians because Queen Victoria had introduced it and they didn't exist
Observing gay, lesbian, and hetrosexual couples' relationships: mathematical modelling of conflict interaction.
Gay news service Pink News reports that the 'Never Mind' bar, on the Norre Voldgade in Copenhagen, has confirmed that it does not allow hetrosexual displays of public affection, and will ask offending 'straights' to leave the bar if they pucker up.
Willetts, "Union Quality Comparisons between Long-Term Hetrosexual Cohabitation and Legal Marriage," Journal of Faintly Issues 27, no.
Un enfoque basado en los derechos toma lo queer y lo hetrosexual y admite a ambos como igualmente buenos, pero este proceso va a cambiar lo que significa ser bueno.