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1. Of or relating to a usually speculative formulation serving as a guide in the investigation or solution of a problem: "The historian discovers the past by the judicious use of such a heuristic device as the 'ideal type'" (Karl J. Weintraub).
2. Of or constituting an educational method in which learning takes place through discoveries that result from investigations made by the student.
3. Computers Relating to or using a problem-solving technique in which the most appropriate solution of several found by alternative methods is selected at successive stages of a program for use in the next step of the program.
1. A heuristic method or process.
2. heuristics(used with a sing. verb) The study and application of heuristic methods and processes.

[From Greek heuriskein, to find.]

heu·ris′ti·cal·ly adv.
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HAL stood for Heuristically ALgorithmic computer and Keir Dullea, who played Bowman, was the first actor to be cast in director Stanley Kubrick's film version of writer Arthur C Clarke's story about an alien intelligence guiding the future of mankind.
The days of heuristically engineered computer algorithms are, however, over; competitive, state-of-the-art medical imaging software must be based on rigorous mathematics to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and stability.
Based on the measured downstream congestion the proposed work heuristically restricts the number of credits available in each and every channel.
LogicNets provided a platform that our members could work with to capture the new layers of complexity and which could deliver it online in a user-friendly format, guiding users and heuristically learning from their experiences to constantly improve the effectiveness of the protocols.
For different datasets, the heuristically parameters used in the formula score, must be adjusted.
Thus, we make use of a swarm of agents to search heuristically and randomly.
It is both convenient and revealing to represent the present value formula heuristically in a compact form known universally as the Gordon formula,
PMs might then underthink and overreact, reflexively offering to buy technical data at heuristically determined prices.
It may be possible to model these risks in the RTO valuation framework, but it is more likely they will be factored in heuristically when the purchase price is set in the bargaining process.
The economy is being held back not by exogenous "headwinds" but instead, since interest rates in the past (initially, in the second half of the 1990s) were too low and too much spending was brought forward from the future, is being held back by the endogenous working of the Euler equation for consumption, which says that consumption will be on a downward path, relative to income, if the relevant interest rate is below the rate of time preference (and, heuristically, there is reason to believe that this is the case).
where: P is the value determined heuristically for the method of the closest neighbours; given a cluster centre [c.
Heuristically, other types of causes may be (a) immediately and concurrent with a reinforcing event, (b) short-term transient changes associated with other events, or (c) long-term enduring sequelae (see Table 1).