n.1.The head.
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Lady Philosophy says, "Only the lynage of man heveth heyest his heie heved, and stondith light with his upryght body, and byholdeth the erthes undir hym.
For so astonyed and asweved Was every vertu in my heved, What with his sours and with my drede, That al my felynge gan to dede, For-whi hit was to gret affray.
The adventurous Romans arrived on the shores around AD59but it was the Scandinavian settlers who named the town,Bierce Heved, the headland of birch tree.
After the Romans it was the turn of William the Conqueror's earls, who took over the town in the aftermath of 1066 andBierce Heved was recognised for its ferry point, seen as the safest passage across the Mersey to Liverpool.