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 (hĕb′rŏn′, -rôn′, hē′brən) In Arabic Al Kha·lil (äl kä-lēl′, KHä-)
A city of the West Bank south-southwest of Jerusalem. Sacred to both Jews and Muslims as the home and burial place of Abraham and (to Jews) as King David's capital for seven years, the city has a history of Jewish-Arab violence. Hebron was occupied by Israel in 1967, but control of most of the city was transferred to the Palestinians in 1997.


(ˈhɛbrɒn; ˈhiː-)
(Placename) a city in the West Bank: famous for the Haram, which includes the cenotaphs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. Pop: 168 000 (2005 est). Arabic name: El Khalil


(ˈhi brən)

an ancient city of Palestine, formerly in W Jordan; occupied by Israel 1967–97; since 1997 under Palestinian self-rule. Arabic, El Khalil.
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Contributions may be made in his memory to: Talmud Torah of Hevron Israel; or Hevra Kadisha of Houston; or Kiviti HaShem and Shiviti HaShem Synagogues in Ofakim, Israel.
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Hevron today is a city of some 150,000 Muslims and about 5,000 Jews.
It made good business sense to keep this division intact in Sarasota," says Glenn Hevron, director of product development.
Rav Elli was one of the founders of Yeshivat Shavey Hevron in Hebron, and he taught at yeshivot in Jerusalem and several other areas.
The Marble Canyon sentry milkvetch was described in 1992 after being discovered by former NNHP botanist Bill Hevron.
T), Halliburton (HAL), Dresser (DI), C hevron (CHV), Oryx (ORX), EEX Corp.
2:24) tells us that a man will leave his father and mother's house and cleave to his wife, in Sarah's case (as with the other matriarchs) she leaves her father's house and homeland and follows Abraham, "roaming" (20:13, hit'u) around the countryside from Haran to Canaan, from Shechem to the Negev to Egypt, to Bethel and Ai and Hevron, to the Negev again and G'rar and Beer Sheva and, finally, to Hevron once more, where she dies.
BOSTON -- AIR Worldwide Corporation announces the addition of Glenn Hevron to its senior management team as vice president of client software services.