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(ˈhɛksəˌplɔɪd) biology
(Biology) an organism made up of cells containing six sets of chromosomes
(Biology) having six times the normal number of chromosomes


(ˈhɛk səˌplɔɪd)

1. having a chromosome number that is six times the haploid number.
2. a hexaploid cell or organism.
hex′a•ploi`dy, n.
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This hexaploid condition could have arisen through the doubling of the chromosomal number of a hybrid triploid, which, in turn, may have be the result of a cross between a tetraploid and a diploid species (Hickey et al.
While the grain only allows a determination to the level of a broad category of free-threshing wheats (Triticum aestivum/durum), the morphology of the rachis segments is characteristic of hexaploid bread wheat (T.
The wild species of Carthamus are represented by diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid forms with 2n numbers of 20, 22, 24, 44 and 64.
hexaploid levels; one of these has tetraploid and hexaploid cytotypes,
The draft sequence is a major landmark towards obtaining a complete reference sequence of the hexaploid bread wheat genome, the ultimate goal of the IWGSC.
Presence of celiac disease epitopes in modern and old hexaploid wheat varieties: wheat breeding may have contributed to increased prevalence of celiac disease.
et al (1995) in Iranian hexaploid wheat and Goudarzi and Pakniyat (2008) in wheat cultivars.
The best semi-dwarfing rootstock currently available is Gisela 5 and this will help to keep your tree to a manageable size, although you might look out for Hexaploid Colt that is nearly as good.
arising in part from its tetraploid or hexaploid genome (Chantret et al.
Triticum monococcum) are poorly antigenic, while the modern hexaploid wheats (e.
1994) and also as forming a polyploid complex having tetraploid, hexaploid, and aneuploid cytotypes (Freckmann & Lelong 2003).
Development and mapping of EST-derived simple sequence repeat markers for hexaploid wheat.