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Noun1.Hexapoda - insectsHexapoda - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
Arthropoda, phylum Arthropoda - jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids; crustaceans; insects; millipedes; centipedes
Mantophasmatodea, order mantophasmatodea - an order of insect identified in 2002 in a 45 million year old piece of amber from the Baltic region
Mecoptera, order Mecoptera - an order of carnivorous insects usually having long membranous wings and long beaklike heads with chewing mouths at the tip
Collembola, order Collembola - minute wingless arthropods: springtails
order Protura, Protura - minute wingless arthropods: telsontails
Anoplura, order Anoplura - sucking lice
Diptera, order Diptera - a large order of insects having a single pair of wings and sucking or piercing mouths; includes true flies and mosquitoes and gnats and crane flies
Hymenoptera, order Hymenoptera - an order of insects including: bees; wasps; ants; ichneumons; sawflies; gall wasps; etc.
Isoptera, order Isoptera - order of social insects that live in colonies, including: termites; often placed in subclass Exopterygota
order Orthoptera, Orthoptera - grasshoppers and locusts; crickets
order Phasmatodea, order Phasmida, Phasmatodea, Phasmida - in some classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera: stick insects; leaf insects
Exopterygota, Hemimetabola, subclass Exopterygota - subclass of insects characterized by gradual and usually incomplete metamorphosis
Dictyoptera, order Dictyoptera - in some classifications replaced by the orders (here suborders) Blattodea (cockroaches) and Manteodea (mantids); in former classifications often subsumed under a much broader order Orthoptera
Hemiptera, order Hemiptera - plant bugs; bedbugs; some true bugs; also includes suborders Heteroptera (true bugs) and Homoptera (e.g., aphids, plant lice and cicadas)
Corrodentia, order Corrodentia, order Psocoptera, Psocoptera - an order of insects: includes booklice and bark-lice
Neuroptera, order Neuroptera - an order of insects including: lacewings; antlions; dobsonflies; alderflies; fish flies; mantispids; spongeflies
Odonata, order Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
order Trichoptera, Trichoptera - an order of insects consisting of caddis flies
order Thysanura, Thysanura - firebrats; silverfish; machilids
Dermaptera, order Dermaptera - earwigs and a few related forms
Lepidoptera, order Lepidoptera - moths and butterflies
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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According to the data obtained for the present work, diet preference of little owl consisted of 92% Hexapoda (orders Coleoptera, Orthoptera and Dermaptera), 4% Rodentia, 2% Pulmonata, 1.
Dos recientes y sucesivos trabajos publicados en esta revista, resaltan la importancia de la morfologia y variabilidad de los genitales masculinos en insectos, pertenecientes a dos ordenes de Hexapoda, Diptera y Coleoptera (SOLANO & RAMIREZ, 2015; MANJARRES & MOLANO, 2015).
La hembra gravida coloca aproximadamente 40 huevos mensuales en el suelo, estos se incuban por un periodo de 1 a 2 semanas, tras lo cual emerge la larva hexapoda, de 0,15 a 0,30 mm de largo, que es la forma parasitaria para el hombre y los animales (9, 12).
Scientists until now had few if any confirmed insect fossils from between 385 and 325 million years ago, a period known as the Hexapoda Gap, William A Shear of Hampden-Sydney College wrote in a comment that accompanied the study.
Summary of Orthoptera of Medical Importance Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Hexapoda Order: Orthoptera Suborder: Ensifera Family: Anostostomatidae Weta (several genera and species)--painful bites Family: Tettigoniidae Subfamily Dectinae Atlanticus spp.
Un ejemplo comun se observa en la novela de Franz Kafka, cuando Gregorio Samsa aparece transformado en un insecto: de una estructura antropomorfa pasa a una hexapoda (seis patas), o de un queso a un raton.
The hexapoda is represented by 13 orders (Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Blattodea, Isoptera, Orthoptera, Archaeorthoptera-Chresmodidae, Hemiptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Trichoptera, Neuroptera, Mecoptera and Diptera) and 40 families (Fregenal-Martinez et al.
5 0,20 Invertebrados (2378) (97,38) Arachnida (3,19) Scorpiones (2,78) Brachistosternus ninapo 68 2,78 Araneae (0,41) Loxoscelidae 4 0,16 Lycesidae 6 0,25 Hexapoda (94,11) Coleoptera (93,66) Tenebrionidae 6 0,25 Scarabaeidae 93,29 Melolonthinae (larvas) 2239 91,69 Melolonthinae (adultos) 39 1,60 N.
Taxa Feeding Number of Number of Life Guild individuals bromeliads cycle with taxa stage Mollusca Gastropoda, Bulimulidae Hb 3 3 A Gastropoda, Subulinidae Hb 1 1 A Annellida Oligochaeta Dt 48 20 A+I Chelicerata Aranae, Lycosidae Pr 13 8 A Aranae, Argiopidae, Argiope argentat Pr 1 1 A Aranae, Theraphosidae, Pachistopelma rufonigrum Pr 14 13 A Aranae, Salticidae Pr 6 5 A+I Aranae, Theraphosidae sp 2 Pr 2 2 A Pseudoscorpiones Pr 1 1 A Scorpiones, Bothriuridae, Bothriurus asper Pr 1 1 A Scorpiones, Buthidae Tityus neglectus Pr 4 4 A Myriapoda Chilopoda, Scolopendridae Pr 8 7 A Diplopoda , Spirobolida Pr 25 15 A+I Hexapoda, Insecta Blattariae, Blattidae sp.