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Any of various simple sugars, such as glucose and fructose, that have six carbon atoms per molecule.


(ˈhɛksəʊs; -əʊz)
(Biochemistry) a monosaccharide, such as glucose, that contains six carbon atoms per molecule


(ˈhɛk soʊs)

any of a class of sugars, as glucose and fructose, containing six carbon atoms.
[1890–95; < Greek héx six + -ose2]
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Noun1.hexose - a monosaccharide that contains six carbon atoms per molecule
aldohexose - a monosaccharide sugar having six carbon atoms and an aldehyde group
ketohexose - a monosaccharide having six carbon atoms and a ketone group
monosaccharide, monosaccharose, simple sugar - a sugar (like sucrose or fructose) that does not hydrolyse to give other sugars; the simplest group of carbohydrates
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The hexoses were destroyed by placing the reaction tubes on boiling water bath for 10 min.
1]), which were generated from the degradations of pentoses and hexoses during the heating through chemical reactions originated in the acid hydrolysis.
The reduced supply of hexoses to developing kernels starves embryos, which results in the abortion of ovary (Zinselmeier et al.
Limayem and Ricke (2012) reported that, during the degradation of sugars in the acidic pretreatment, the inhibitors furfural, derived mainly from the dehydration of pentoses, and hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), from the dehydration of hexoses, were formed, coupled to phenolic and acetic acid.
Glycerol is a secondary metabolite of alcoholic fermentation, being important for the growth of the Saccharomyces genus, which synthesized the compound from pentoses and hexoses.
It must be borne in mind that the liver lipid metabolism in MSG rats is clearly displaced to enhanced lipogenesis; thus it could be speculated that, in the postprandial condition any further liver entry of hexoses, through FK downstream reactions, could result in dramatic local lipid overproduction because carbons enter through this pathway bypass glycolysis regulatory steps and are then used in the lipogenic process in a direct and an uncontrolled fashion [45-47].
The carbohydrate region of the HSQC spectra were practically identical for compounds 1a/b and 3, the NMR data indicated the presence of two terminal 6-desoxy hexoses, one terminal hexose and two substituted hexoses.
The main sugars found in must and wines are the hexoses, glucose and fructose.
Recent applications of metabolite profiling in cross-sectional or case control studies have linked alterations in hexoses, amino acids, ketone bodies, fatty acids, acylcarnitines, and phospholipids with T2D (3-16).
O amido e a celulose sao polissacarideos que consistem em unidades de hexose, a hemicelulose e um heteropolissacarideo formado por uma mistura de monomeros de pentoses e hexoses, a lignina e um polimero tridimensional complexo formado por compostos fenolicos e os oleos consistem de triglicerideos.
Relation between glomalin and root carbohydrates: Arbuscular mycorrhizas the mutualistic associations must acquire hexoses (mainly glucose) from the host to the fungal partner (Solaiman and Saito 1997; Schaarschmidt et al.
A main step of starch synthesis implies utilizing the hexoses of sucrose hydrolysis and ultimately the conversion of that carbon into starch (DALE; HOUSLEY, 1986).