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(ˈhaɪ zə)
Paul (Johann von), 1830–1914, German playwright, novelist, poet, and short-story writer: Nobel prize 1910.
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Noun1.Heyse - German writer (1830-1914)Heyse - German writer (1830-1914)    
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In statements to journalists outside the courthouse after the hearing, TE-rker said suspect Heyse Topalca should be arrested in line with a previous arrest warrant.
This is not the proper forum to decide social issues,'' Heyse, an assistant attorney general, told the judge during the arguments.
The expansion of Tecteo's activities in print and digital media is a logical step in the company's growth strategy and further strengthens its presence in the French-language media sector, CFO Pol Heyse said.
Heyse, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will be available live by telephone by dialing 1-877-493-2981 and entering Conference ID#:98696045 or via the Internet at 8:00 a.
Contact: Julia Heyse Dry Lube Ltd +44-131-240-1292 enquiries@drylube.
Wichtig ist es hier anzumerken, dass der Dichterkollege Paul Heyse 1884 eine Novelle mit dem Titel Auf Tod und Leben schrieb, (15) die 1886 erschien und in der auch das Thema Carcinoma in den Mittelpunkt geruckt wird.
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