athletic shoe

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athlet′ic shoe′

a shoe for exercise or sport; sneaker.
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The hotel is operated by Hi-Top Supermart's Benito Gaw, lawyer Alfonso 'Boy' Reyno and his son King, and Bal and Ferdie Domingo.
Was PS30, now PS21, Wallis 4 MINI MARVEL Little girls can get in on the act in River Island's embroidered hi-top trainers, PS22 5 BEST BRA NONE Take the trend undercover.
Daniel, who was wearing a distinctive Beano T-shirt, jeans and yellow, white and black Defender hi-top trainers on the day, said he hoped finding out more about what happened to him would give him some closure.
Rickie Fowler wears hi-top boots on the golf course.
All bedecked with lustful products, from an Yves Saint Laurent monogram clutch to a giant Givenchy hi-top trainer.
A pale, floral-print mini skirt has been added, giving this outfit a touch of femininity while clashing brilliantly with a pair of chunky, boyish wedged hi-top trainers.
That's right--SVD has made a drivable checkerboard hi-top complete with laces and a radio, but no horn or blinkers--so watch for his finger.
ON THE RUN KRISTEN Stewart looks ready to run away from her bad headlines in black hi-top trainers.
The 23-year-old was dressed down in white skinny jeans, hi-top sneakers with multi-coloured Velcro fasteners and a light pink jumper.
Hi-top trainers were the first of the shoes to sell out completely closely followed by dress shoes in silver and black.
Romeo prowls about in a worn gray hoodie, snapping away on his digital camera and riding a bicycle with fluorescent reflector strips; Juliet wears color-coordinated Hi-Top sneakers.
The models in his fashion presentations Wear hi-top sneakers with white tube socks and black bandanas over their faces.