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 (hĭk′ŏk′), James Butler Known as "Wild Bill." 1837-1876.
American frontier scout and marshal whose law enforcement exploits against Western outlaws are the subject of folk legends.


(Biography) James Butler, known as Wild Bill Hickok. 1837–76, US frontiersman and marshal


(ˈhɪk ɒk)

James Butler ( “Wild Bill” ), 1837–76, U.S. frontiersman.
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com)-- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has been named the Hickok Belt(R) Award winner for the month of January 2018.
Among the Rochester-area organizations preparing people with disabilities for satisfying professional lives is the Hickok Center for Brain Injury, where roughly 30 brain-injury survivors receive vocational training per year.
Yma mae'n rhannu rhagor o'i stor o wybodaeth am rai o adar brith y Gorllewin Gwyllt BYDDAI'R Arlywydd 'Ike' Eisenhower (1890-1956) yn mwyhau eistedd ar ei borth yn gwrando ar yr hen ddynion yn adrodd storiau am farsial enwog yr oeddan nhw'n ei adnabod o'r enw Wild Bill Hickok.
Her final request was to be buried next to Wild Bill Hickok.
Loving Eleanor: The Intimate Friendship of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok By Susan Wittig Albert Bertram, TX: Persevero Press, 2016, 322 pp.
This acquisition will add more than USD 30m in annual revenue to Hickok and will be immediately accretive to earnings.
Being nominated two straight years and being mentioned along side the other resort nominees has itself been a tremendous honor," said Mission Ridge's Marketing Director Tony Hickok, "but winning and being able to deliver this trophy to Wenatchee and to all of our staff is the real honor.
Deb Hickok, president and CEO of Explore Fairbanks, says the organization began to focus on winter as a distinct tourist attraction about fifteen years ago.
A plaque lies today at the spot where Hickok stood, and a few years ago, a local historian showed me where Tutt would have been positioned.
He says Hickok favored two double action Colt revolvers in .
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