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 (hä-fĭz′, -fēz′) Full name Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi. fl. 14th century.
Persian poet whose sensuous rhyming couplets, many of which celebrate love, wine, and nature, are traditionally interpreted allegorically by Sufic Muslims.


n. Islam
1. One who has memorized the Koran.
2. Used as a title of respect for such a person.

[Arabic ḥāfiẓ, guardian, hafiz, active participle of ḥafiẓa, to guard, memorize; see ḥpṯ̣ in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) a title for a person who knows the Koran by heart
[from Persian, from Arabic hāfiz, from hafiza to guard]


(Biography) Shams al-Din Muhammad (ˌshæmz ælˌdɪn məʊˈhæmɪd). ?1326–90, Persian lyric poet, best known for his many short poems about love and wine, often treated as religious symbols


(ˈhɑ fɪz)

a title of respect for a Muslim who knows the Koran by heart.
[1655–65; < Arabic ḥāfiz literally, a guard, one who keeps]



(Shams ud-din Mohammed) c1320–89?, Persian poet.


A Persian word for a person who has memorized the Koran.
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Some readers may remember Caterer had mentioned the initiative by Dubai Municipality called Hifz Al Ni'am to collect excess food and donate to the needy.
In the project titled Hifz Al- Ni'am, (Value the Blessings) the municipality bears all the technical responsibility with regards to the safety of the collected food and Islamic affairs deals with volunteers and charity groups.
Hafiz Hifz ur Rehman counsel for CDA told the court "we can do nothing with regard to commercial activities or encroachments set up by embassies in residential areas.
Around 50,000 cooked and well-packed meals were distributed to about 200 families with very low income, orphans and workers, including those living in labour housing clusters, during the first few months of this year," Sultan Al Shehi, director of the project known in Arabic as Hifz Al Ne'ma, told Gulf News.
In addition to this, BFPIS students took part in Quran Recitation and Hifz competition arranged by Halqa Ahbab.
Hifz ur Rahman (president, Saudi Indian Football Forum) too congratulated the Indian Fraternity Forum for their sincere efforts to bring awareness to the expatriates, especially Indians.
The Koran, the hadiths (the recorded sayings of the Prophet), and the writings of Islamic scholars are replete with concepts and operational terms relating to deception and disinformation: kidb (lie), khida (deception or strategem), hila (ruse), baram (subterfuge), hiyal (wiles), kaid (cunning), kadi'a (betrayal or treachery), makr (double-dealing and slyness), khab (dissimulation), khodah (tricking one's enemies to gain advantage or profit from them or over them), hifz al-sirr (protection of the secret), talbis (deception or making a proposition ambiguous), and ikhfa al-hal (hiding the real state of one's convictions).
But our resources are not large enough to visit every household that wishes to contribute, so we can only pick up a food donation if it is more than 50 meals," Sultan Al Shehi, director of the project known in Arabic as Hifz Al Ne'ma, told Gulf News.
Hifz competition amongst successful candidates from all districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be held at the Auqaf Auditorium Charsadda Road Peshawar.
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drive as part of its Hifz Al Ni'amah (Value the Blessings) programme, which is approved and endorsed by the Dubai Municipality and the Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs.
In the Hifz Quran competition, Hafiz Mohammad Faiz Mansoori of DA SKBZ College (School Section) got the first position while Hafiza Aisha Nisar DA Iqra Model School and Hafiza Affifa Farooq of DA Model High School Ph-IV were second and third respectively.