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1. Any of several cloth head coverings worn by Muslim women.
2. The veiling of women in some Islamic societies, customarily practiced in order to maintain standards of modesty.

[Arabic ḥijāb, cover, curtain, veil, from ḥajaba, to cover; see ḥgb in Semitic roots.]


(hɪˈdʒæb; hɛˈdʒɑːb) or


1. (Islam) a covering for the head and face, worn by Muslim women
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a covering for the head and face, worn by Muslim women
[from Arabic, literally: curtain]
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Noun1.hijab - a headscarf worn by Muslim womenhijab - a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face
headscarf - a kerchief worn over the head and tied under the chin
2.hijab - the custom in some Islamic societies of women dressing modestly outside the home; "she observes the hijab and does not wear tight clothing"
custom, usage, usance - accepted or habitual practice
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Naguib himself visited a munaggim, or traditional spiritist healer, who read the Qur'an over Naguib and wrote a higab, or amulet, which he was supposed to wear until the rabt disappeared.