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(hɪˌgɑ ʃi oʊˈsɑ kə)

a city on S Honshu, in Japan, E of Osaka. 518,000.
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Police said Tanigawa would travel to the building from his home in another part of the city, before slipping into his outfit and carrying out his night-time raids in the Higashiosaka neighborhood.
Midori Seiho High School, 6-3-9 Ikeshima-cho, Higashiosaka, Osaka 579-8064, Japan
The 11-member delegation, the first-ever Kuwait's group to visit Monodzukuri (Innovative Manufacturing) Business Information-center Osaka (MOBIO) located in Higashiosaka City, was impressed by the latest technologies and products on display in its permanent exhibit.
based in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture started hiring Filipino workers in 2009.
OSAKA - The city of Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture, has sent a letter of protest to its sister city Glendale, claiming the U.
Mitsuo Kira was born in Higashiosaka City, Osaka in 1943.
s Nara railway line in Higashiosaka by a witness at around 12:15 a.
1) Department of Health and Medical Sciences, Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University, Japan, (2) Higashiosaka Junior College, Japan, (3) School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang PR China
We thank the public health centers in Osaka, Sakai, Higashiosaka, and Takatsuki for data collection and the National Institute of Infectious Disease, Tokyo, for helpful advice.
OSAKA - Two people were found dead while three others were injured in a fire that gutted a two-story apartment building in the city of Higashiosaka in Osaka Prefecture early Tuesday morning, police said.
Murata); and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kinki University, Higashiosaka (Dr.
The girl, a fourth-grader at an elementary school in the city of Higashiosaka, had been unconscious since being hospitalized on the morning of April 8, reporting diarrhea and stomachache, according to the city officials.