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also al·to-ri·lie·vo (ăl′tō-rĭ-lē′vō, äl′tō-rēl-yā′vō)
n. pl. al·to-re·lie·vos also al·to-ri·lie·vi (-rēl-yā′vē)
See high relief.

[Italian altorilievo : alto, high; see alto + rilievo, relief; see bas-relief.]


(ˌæltəʊrɪˈliːvəʊ) or


n, pl -vos
(Art Terms) another name for high relief
[C18: from Italian]
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This broad stretch ranges in depth from 50 to 120 feet and encompasses a series of high-relief dropoffs which are Valhalla for fish and fishermen alike.
The right side of the gun features a sketch of John Browning standing in front of the Fabrique Nationale plant in Belgian, four high-relief gold-inlaid mallards, and a banner with the dates, "1902-2002," and the words, "A-5 Browning One Hundred Years.
The Akik structure is a high-relief, four-way-dip closure at the reservoir horizon more than 1,000 feet high to a downdip, fault-separated well that produced oil at non-commercial rates from the same formation.
Mapping based on that survey indicates that the Akik structure is a high-relief, four-way-dip closure at the reservoir horizon.
Schofield made massive sideboard pieces, trays and teasets, but he specialised in candelabra and cruets of matchless elegance and symmetry, with crisply fashioned high-relief decoration.
An optional high-relief version (Type 72HR) is also available.
Each work is different, incorporating a range of treatments from high-relief impasto to shallow washes with defined brushwork.
The study site was primarily composed of high-relief rocky ridge (RR), along with lesser amounts of rock-cobble (RC), rock-boulder (RB), rock-sand (RS), and cobble-rock (CR) (Table 1).
Two 11-by-five-and-a-half-inch hand-glazed terra-cotta tiles make up the Renaissance high-relief design.
The company extended its relatively new Tambour line into several new solid colors, and built upon its Lacque de Chine line by bringing out eight high-relief patterns from the archives to complement it.
Mosaic with tile or mirror is another option, as well as a form of high-relief stenciling.