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Noun1.Hilary Clinton - wife of President Clinton and later a woman member of the United States Senate (1947-)
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On the other side, the Defence Minister Khurrum Dastgir has also appropriately said that Pakistan was now a changed country and not the one when Hilary Clinton visited it.
HILARY Clinton will tell Late Late Show viewers this Friday of her shock defeat in the US presidential election.
Chelsea is the only child of former US President Bill Clinton and former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the democratic presidential candidate who lost to businessman-turned-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
While Trump and Hilary Clinton were on the campaign trail, and during the final days leading up to the election, the price of gold was rising every time he narrowed her lead.
Many Americans will be waiting with baited breath on January 19, especially as not only did the majority of Americans not vote for Donald Trump, he actually came second to Hilary Clinton in the popular vote, but thanks to the undemocratic Electoral College system gaining more votes than anyone else doesn't mean you end up as President
Protests erupted in multiple US cities after it became clear on Wednesday that Republican Party nominee Donald Trump would win the presidency, prevailing over his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton, Sputnik reported.
WHY is everyone astounded that Donald Trump trounced Hilary Clinton for the US presidency?
ISLAMABAD -- PML-N leader senator Mushahid Ullah has said Trump success is 9/11 of US politics remarking US real face is Trump and not Hilary Clinton.
TOKYO, Nov 9 (KUNA) -- Tokyo stocks tumbled on Wednesday, with a key index falling the most more than four months, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was surprisingly edging ahead of Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton.
On the female vote, she said that obviously most woman but fewer than expected had voted for Hilary Clinton.
Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as pumpkins A WEEK today, we'll know who's the next President of America: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
WikiLeaks has been publishing email materials related to Hilary Clinton, while incurring the wrath of the Democratic Party.