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Noun1.Hilary Clinton - wife of President Clinton and later a woman member of the United States Senate (1947-)
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Then his table won a raffle by offering pounds 4,000 to have dinner with US Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton.
Hilary Clinton and Muhammad Ali are jetting to Sinapore to help the begging for NYC.
THERE are few things more stomach-churning than the contrite sounds of American secretary of state Hilary Clinton putting the world to rights.
The Bulgarian President underscored that in his contacts with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton they have not discussed potential links between members of the previous cabinet and Russian mafia bosses.
Deputy Premier Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, who is visiting the USA, met with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.
The top 10 also featured: medial mogul Oprah Winfrey, who came third; German chancellor Angela Merkel, fourth; US secretary of state Hilary Clinton, fifth; chief executive of Pepsi Indra Nooyi, sixth; singer Lady Gaga, seventh; chief executive Westpac Gail Kelly, eighth; Beyonce Knowles, singer and fashion designer, ninth; and Ellen Degeneres, talk show host, tenth.
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has criticized China for defending North Korea over the North's sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan, calling the North a ''big liar,'' a Seoul daily reported Wednesday.
He noted that during the visit, the Kurdish delegates met with President Barrack Obama vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and other US officials.
lt;p>It is to recall that President Sleiman carried out talks with US President, Barak Obama, vice President, Joe Biden, State Secretary, Hilary Clinton, Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, Transportation Secretary, Ray Lahoud, National Security Adviser, James Jones, Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, Arab accredited Ambassadors to USA, and Senate members.
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said there was "no evidence" for Tehran to charge its citizens.
Summary: Marrakech - US State Secretary, Hilary Clinton, hailed on Tuesday the long relationship with Morocco that have not been broken by any kind of difficulty.
Hilary Clinton has articulated exciting new parameters for American foreign policy, and presumably she understands the full implications of her speech.