n.1.A worthless, base, degenerate person or animal.
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Hinderling understands the emotional and psychological well-being of the injured employee and is extremely cooperative about having John return to work in some capacity, albeit with little use of his right hand.
Because Hinderling is eminently qualified, John is more than satisfied with the physician chosen by the adjuster and agrees to select Hinderling as his treating physician by signing a choice of physician form (if the state requires such a provision) at the first surgical follow up appointment.
Given these correspondences, which ultimately point to the existence of a common morphological base, Hinderling (1967) remarks that strong verbs constitute the starting-point of lexical derivation in the Germanic languages.
The World in a Suitcase takes the visitors on four of journeys: with Paul and Fritz Sarasin to Sri Lanka (Ceylon 1883-86; 1890; 1902; 1907; 1925); with Felix Speiser to Vanuatu (New Hebrides, 1910-12); with Alfred Buhler to Indonesia and East Timor (1935); and with Paul Hinderling and Rene Gardi to Cameroon (1953).
As an R&D leader focused on answering critical commercial market needs, CSEM has developed a broad portfolio of industry-ready technology that has generated 22 independent spin-off and start-up companies in the past five years," said Thomas Hinderling, chief executive officer of CSEM SA.
This goes against a unified linearisation of lexical creation by which strong verbs are at the beginning of the derivations followed by nouns, adjectives, adverbs and weak verbs as postulated by Bammesberger (1965), Hinderling (1967) or Kastovsky (1992).
Michel Desbard succeeds Thomas Hinderling who has been XEMICS' chairman since its foundation in 1997.
Thomas Hinderling has been the driving force behind the foundation of XEMICS and its first Chairman for almost three years.
And, in the fourth place, there is always a noun available in each of the patterns in table 1, except for -ness, which is consistent with the traditional characterization of variable stem derivational morphology in Old English as based on the duet strong verb-neuter noun (Palmgren 1904; Hinderling 1967, Martin Arista forthcoming c, e).
XEMICS successfully continues a 30 year tradition in this area of developing ultra low power integrated circuits," says Thomas Hinderling, CSEM's CEO.