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Noun1.Hirschfeld - United States artist noted for his line-drawn caricatures (1904-2003)
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M2 EQUITYBITES-February 12, 2018-Alleghany Capital announces acquisition of Hirschfeld Industries by W&W|AFCO Steel
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 12, 2018-Alleghany Capital announces acquisition of Hirschfeld Industries by W&W|AFCO Steel
Franco is responsible for all aspects of Hirschfeld Properties' acquisitions program and oversees all of the professionals within Hirschfeld's acquisitions platform.
North Carolina, US-based event architect firm Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions (HMS), has acquired North Carolina-based marketing agency Bulldawg Marketing to round out the firm's leadership team and expand current event architecture offerings, the company said.
com)-- Philanthropist and Hirschfeld Properties president Elie Hirschfeld has adopted a portion of New York highway.
Of the two, Hirschfeld's is by far the darker book--as Hirschfeld says, 'I treat the plays as less recuperative in their sensibilities than Beckwith does' (14)--a consequence of a shift in focus from forgiveness to satisfaction, and from romance to tragedy.
A new exhibition at the New York Historical Society, "The Hirschfeld Century" (through Oct.
In The End of Satisfaction: Drama and Repentance in the Age of Shakespeare, Heather Hirschfeld argues that the Reformation's rejection of the sacrament of penance problematized the meaning and availability of satisfaction, from satis facere--to do or to make enough.
Consumers are increasingly drawn to products that can streamline and enhance their at-home beauty routines," says Jennifer Hirschfeld, the company's marketing director.
Goesch and her fiance Chris Berardi of Medford; 2 sisters- Marie MacDonald of Nova Scotia and Annie Mullins of FL; 2 brothers- Paul and Charles Hirschfeld both of Nova Scotia; and many nieces and nephews.
For an extra dose of New York flair this year, swing by Henri Bendeh The venerable Fifth Avenue retailer has festooned its main window and the store inside with the work of Al Hirschfeld, the late caricaturist whose entertainment industry portraits are iconic on Broadway (where there's a theater named after him) and beyond.