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a.1.(Bot. & Zool.) Pubescent with minute and somewhat rigid hairs.
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Plants perennial, tufted, caespitose, with a knotty rhizomatous base, the rhizomes short and thin; culms 15-30(-55) cm tall; nodes 2-3, branching below, puberulent to scabrellous; internodes short covered by the sheaths, glabrous, puberulent to shortly hirtellous near the nodes; leaves basal, sheaths 3-4(7) cm long, longer than the internodes, the upper with a reduced blade below the synflorescence, the lowermost purple and short-hirsute, the next green and glabrous, margins shortpilose; ligules 0.
Young shoots generally puberulous; thorns curved 30-90[degrees], minutely hirtellous and usually with coarse, subappressed hairs.
The plants from Durango represent a bigger, copiously hirtellous variant.