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Adj.1.Hispaniolan - of or relating to the West Indian island of Hispaniola
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Determination of normal blood concentrations of lead, zinc, copper, and iron in Hispaniolan Amazon parrots (Amazona ventralis).
Survival of captive-reared Hispaniolan parrots released in Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic.
Similarly, recent molecular phylogenetic study of Caribbean species of Salvia suggested that one clade of Hispaniolan taxa was derived from ancestors in the northern Andes and thus implicated historic dispersal from the Andes in the evolution of Hispaniolan endemic Salvia (Zona et al.
Farming was, after all, viewed as a fundamental right for hard-working men and women in Hispaniolan peasant communities (Turits 2003; Sheller 2012; Dubois 2012).
One factor contributing to the complex evolutionary histories of Hispaniolan birds may be the migratory tendencies and associated population dynamics of many species.
Semen collection and artificial insemination in the Hispaniolan parrot (Amazona ventralis).
1982): Variation in Hispaniolan Greta diaphana (Ithomiidae).
The same holds true for two successive millennia of Christians, whether it be Judean Christians under persecution, tenth-century Slavs trapped between the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires, sixteenth-century Hispaniolan believers enslaved by Spaniards, or early twentieth-century Hawaiian Christians dominated by powerful U.
Consistent with the findings for Puerto Rican arboreal lizards, flight initiation distance decreased as perch height increased in the Hispaniolan trunk anole A.
Chapters 3 to 5 are more spider orientated, the first providing an interesting historical account of Hispaniolan spider research with regard to both the extant and fossil faunas, which are treated separately.
London, Jan 10 (ANI): Scientists have captured rare footage of the venomous Hispaniolan solenodon, one of the world's most strange and elusive mammals on camera.