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A specialist in Spanish or Portuguese or in literature written in Spanish or Portuguese.


(ˈhɪs pə nɪst)

a specialist in the Spanish or Portuguese language or in Spanish or Latin-American literature or culture.


[ˈhɪspənɪst] Nhispanista mf
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Robert Goodwin, an accomplished Hispanist, writes here for a general audience.
While this list of books and other sources might be of interest to the general reader or the novice-level student, the more seasoned Hispanist or the advanced student of Spanish literature will probably find it somewhat limited and at times a bit idiosyncratic.
He was a Filipino nationalist, an ardent Rizalist, an English stylist, a Hispanist, a Latinist, an Atenean.
Less persuasive is the claim that "little has been said about resistance as a historical and imaginative concept of the early modern period," given the profound changes in Hispanist scholarship ever since Americo Castro published Historia de los heterodoxos espanoles in 1956 and many others since (78).
The relative absence of Gothic from Spanish literature might be attributable to the anti-Catholic tendencies present in the first works of the genre or to Spanish literature's traditional attachment to the more realistic literary genres; in fact little attention has been paid to Gothic fiction by Hispanist critics.
The Life and Times of Mother Andrea/La vida y costumbres de la Madre Andrea was very likely penned by a converted Jew from the Iberian Peninsula and found in an Utrecht antique bookstore three centuries later by Hispanist Jonas A.
As the editors of this volume note, much work has been done since Beth Miller published Women in Hispanic Literature: Icons and Fallen Idols (1978) and challenged her Hispanist colleagues to pursue women's studies.
Katz, a reputed Hispanist with a thorough knowledge of traditional music and a regular visitor of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the world's major authorities in Judeo-Spanish music.
We therefore have, in terms of human resources, two Spanish Anglicists, a British Hispanist and a British Anglicist who lives in Spain; in other words, an appropriate team for a solid coverage of the topic in question.
Wheeler is an eminent Oxford Hispanist and a spy, one of the founding members of a small and mysterious subunit of British intelligence.
Despite sounding self-evidently like yet another newly-minted PhD thesis, this book is in fact closely co-authored by three North American Hispanist historians--Jerrilyn D Dodds, Maria Rosa Menocal and Abigail Krasner Balbale.
Reprint of British historian and Hispanist Preston's 2008 account of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the professional war correspondents and renowned authors who wrote about it, among them Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Josephine Herbst, Martha Gellhorn, W.