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n.1.An historian.
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and who beareth quarterly, first, argent, a wolf ravisant carrying a lamb gules; second, purpure, three mascles argent, two and one; third, paly of twelve, gules and argent; fourth, or, on a pale endorsed, three batons fleurdelises gules; supported by four griffon's-claws jessant from the sides of the escutcheon, with the motto "En Lupus in Historia," was able to surmount these rather satirical arms with a count's coronet.
You should speedily see a Historia Naturalis Americana, that would put the sneering imitators of the Frenchman, De Buffon, to shame
From the opening ascending arpeggio of "Taquito Militar," the thoughtful interplay between guitarist Berta Rojas and Argentina's most beloved chamber group, Camerata Bariloche, takes center stage on Historia del Tango (2015) and keeps the listener's focus where it should be--on the tango.
In addition to containing elements of autobiography and testimonial literature, El fin de la historia fits the criteria of the Spanish American Bildungsroman, articulated by Julia Kushigian in her study of the genre.
Los abismos de la piel narra la vida de Julia, quien construye su propia historia en tiempo presente.
B) announced that the Company closed its acquisition of the specialty television services Historia, Series+ and the remaining 50% of TELETOON Canada Inc.
Edwards siente una fascinacion por personajes que la historia solo puede recordar, si se tiene en cuenta el proposito del autor de rescatar a estos para la literatura a traves de la memoria.
It was first published in Spanish as part of the Historia de Espana, published jointly by Critica and Marcial Pons Historia in 2009.
In a series of transactions, Shaw has agreed to sell to Corus its interest in ABC Spark, Historia and Series+.
No Brasil, as primeiras iniciativas de conformacao da "Historia do Esporte" --utiliza-se uma metonimia para designar praticas corporais institucionalizadas --nao se iniciaram na disciplina Historia, mas sim no ambito da Educacao Fisica.
Historia e documentario (2012) e o resultado de um esforco conjunto do Grupo de Pesquisa Historia e Audiovisual: circularidades e formas de comunicacao (1) da USP e pesquisadores convidados.
The first is the thesis that historia deals with particulars, which, the critique goes, is based on a misinterpretation of the nature and value of the works produced by the Greek historians.