Historical painting

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that branch of painting which represents the events of history.

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In the Senate Chamber of the ancient Republic we wearied our eyes with staring at acres of historical paintings by Tintoretto and Paul Veronese, but nothing struck us forcibly except the one thing that strikes all strangers forcibly--a black square in the midst of a gallery of portraits.
It enjoys a more active reproduction cycle than any other New Zealand historical painting, appearing even within Maori publications.
And he must paint exquisitely, proving himself able to convincingly copy eighteenth-century historical painting (Loyalist Female [Katie Black] Glasgow, 3rd July 2010) or early-twentieth-century regional figuration (The Bitch Messed with His Head), this last oil a portrait of the alluring Mirren Barford, who (as we learn from the true story narrated in the accompanying label) was engaged to Jock Lewes, cofounder of Britain's notorious Special Air service during World World II.
had produced painters of talent and accomplishment in the fields of portraiture, historical painting, and landscape studies.
Plumly presents readers with an account of the so-called oimmortal dinnero hosted by the artist Benjamin Robert Haydon to celebrate his historical painting ChristAEs Entry into Jerusalem and to introduce his friend John Keats to William Wordsworth.
The book includes five b&w historical photos, plus a color historical painting on the cover.
The present book evolved from something rather different, with the intention of looking at history painting and Egyptomania in design; Jones took over and these are now future projects, with the impact of Egyptology on Victorian historical painting a promised sequel.
Its nine sections, which are organised thematically by the curators, Carlo Sisi and Riccardo Spinelli, tell us about the final years of baroque art made for Cosimo m, followed by a section on the next generation of artists; about artists invited to Florence from other Italian cities, such as Bologna, Venice and Genoa, by Cosimo's son Grand Prince Ferdinando; about depictions of classical and mythological themes in the new rococo taste and in new media; about historical painting and sacred art; about caricatures of eccentrics and fools, of bizarre or unusual scenes, and of the lower orders of society; about landscape painting and the vedute that were snapped up by so many Grand Tourists (Fig.
Contract notice: Rehabilitation mansion langenberg - ve 18 - historical painting - restoration and supplementation.
Far from the tidy narratives of Oliver Stone in his film JFK or James Ellroy in his American Tabloid, the "narrative" constituted by these paintings was shot through by doubt, fragmented by the sequencing of the canvases and rendered illegible and almost abstract by webs of pixels and dots a la Sigmar Polke: historical painting, then, not as truth but as question.
Dierk Schmidt is concerned with the possibilities of historical painting in the present day.
Among the features are purism, historical painting, the landscapes, and the Barbizon School.

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