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 (hĭt′lər), Adolf Known as "Der Führer." 1889-1945.
Austrian-born leader of the German Nazi Party (1921-1945) and chancellor of the Third Reich (1933-1945). His fascist philosophy, embodied in Mein Kampf (1925-1927), attracted widespread support, and after 1934 he ruled as an absolute dictator. Hitler's pursuit of aggressive nationalist policies resulted in the invasion of Poland (1939) and the subsequent outbreak of World War II. His regime is infamous for the extermination of millions of people, especially European Jews. He committed suicide when the collapse of the Third Reich was imminent (1945).

Hit·ler′i·an (hĭt-lîr′ē-ən) adj.


1. (Biography) Adolf. (ˈaːdɔlf). Grandmother's maiden name and father's original surname Schicklgrüber. 1889–1945, German dictator, born in Austria. After becoming president of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi party), he attempted to overthrow the government of Bavaria (1923). While in prison he wrote Mein Kampf, expressing his philosophy of the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority of the Jews. He was appointed chancellor of Germany (1933), transforming it from a democratic republic into the totalitarian Third Reich, of which he became Führer in 1934. He established concentration camps to exterminate the Jews, rearmed the Rhineland (1936), annexed Austria (1938) and Czechoslovakia, and invaded Poland (1939), which precipitated World War II. He committed suicide
2. a person who displays dictatorial characteristics


(ˈhɪt lər)

Adolf, ( “der Führer” ), 1889–1945, Nazi dictator of Germany, born in Austria: chancellor 1933–45; dictator 1934–45.
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Noun1.Hitler - German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)Hitler - German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)
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