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1. high velocity
2. high voltage




abbreviation for
(Electronics) high voltage


or h.v.,

high velocity.
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Formerly known as Holy Name College and Divine Word College of Tagbilaran, HNU is a Catholic, private, coeducational school run by Society of the Divine Word (SVD).
Typically, a common sheath reimplantation, HNU or upper tract reconstruction seems to be the treatment of choice for ectopia.
Los NAHNU, nya/nyu, hna hnu (2), othomi, otomite u othomite, proviene del nahuatl otocac, que significa el que camina, y mitli que quiere decir flecha, lo que se traduce en el que camina con flechas o cargado de flechas, refiriendose a la caza, son cazadores que caminan cargados de flechas, (Sandoval, 2005).
holotype female from Hainan Province, deposited in HNU, not examined); Chen et al.
Professor McGaffey will be glad to suggest or provide texts, as will the HNU Reference librarian.
En la zona de estudio (municipio de Metztitlan) existen aproximadamente 2032 Otomies, quienes se hacen llamar a si mismos como hna-hnu (de hna 'hablar' y hnu 'nariz', que hablan la lengua nasal).