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Noun1.Hoffmannsthal - German poet who wrote libretti for operas by Richard Strauss (1874-1929)
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While Reitter comprehensively reviews secondary literature about the most prominent German Jewish male cultural figures of the early twentieth century--and the big ones are all covered, some in multiple essays: Freud, von Hoffmannsthal, Kafka, Kraus, Schnitzler, Weininger, Wittgenstein and more--one wishes to know more about how influential German Jewish women fit into the overall picture that Reitter paints of this time period.
Strauss confirms this scenario in a letter to Hugo von Hoffmannsthal from January 29, 1925, in which he writes, "habe jetzt ein Klavierkonzert vollendet und beginne langsam, mich mit dem 2.
Things changed drastically with the Kulturpolitik of National Socialism in the 1930s, when Jewish artists were banned, visible signs of any von Hoffmannsthal and Reinhardt connection were eradicated and the festival came under the control of Josef Goebbels in Berlin.
16) Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, 'The Letter of Lord Chandos', in Hugo von Hoffmannsthal: Selected Prose, trans.