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n.1.High flavor; strong scent.
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So don't expect to see ticky-tacky kitsch in the form of thatched roofs or bamboo torches when you vist Hogo.
Nagal defeated sixth seed Austin Siegel of the United States 6- 4, 6- 2, and then won a tight match against Hogo Cesar Dojas of Brazil, seeded 11th, 7- 6 ( 7- 3), 7- 5 to qualify for the main rounds.
MP Raad hailed Venezuelan President Hogo Chavez' bold positions in supporting Arab causes, notably resistance cause against Israeli occupation.
But we are still managing to sell high-quality products like Rolex watches and Hogo Boss suits.
Deepest sympathy to Donut and all his wonderful family) -Love always Hogo, Christine, Max and Emme.
in Economic Analysis of Policies Protecting the Poor (Jyakusha Hogo Seisaku no Keizai Bunseki) [in Japanese], edited by T.
In 2003, the Japanese Diet passed the Kojin Jyoho Hogo ni Kansuru Horitsu.
Kojin Joho Hogo Ho [Act on the Protection of Personal Information], Law No.
6% of lone mothers relied on means-tested public assistance (seikatsu hogo) in Japan, a ratio that has remained relatively constant throughout the postwar period (Seikatsu hogo no doko henshu iinkai, 2002).
Diesel buses emit about twice as much nitrous oxide as a natural-gas vehicle, as well as more particulate matter, said Henry Hogo, assistant deputy executive officer of the South Coast Air Quality Management District.