Hoist bridge

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a drawbridge that is lifted instead of being swung or drawn aside.

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Tenders are invited for Repairs to spillway gates panel board of hoist bridge tb dam
Tenders are invited for Providing and Laying of 70 Sq mm armoured PVC Cable i/c all connection at Hoist Bridge Gambhir Dam
Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance of gandikota dam radial gates and hoist bridge in kondapuram mandal of kadapa district
Tenders are invited for Providing lighting arrangements to spillway hoist bridge of tb dam
Tenders are invited for srsp-ii- repairs and maintenance work of painting to hoist bridge & hoist equipment and vertical gates, hoist bridge & hoist equipment of infall regulator, hoist bridge &hoist equipment of spillway and repairs diesel generator of mylaram balancing reservoir at km: 295.
Tenders are invited for Painting of hoist bridge and spillway gates of konam reservoir project konam (v) in cheedikada (m) of visakhapatnam district
Tenders are invited for Painting of spillway gates, Hoist platform, Walkway including hoist bridge of left & Right head sluices of gotta barrage of b.
Tenders are invited for Surface cleaning and painting of radial gates for 4 vents stoplog gates, hoist bridge, hoist equipment for spillway regulator of Sri K.
Tenders are invited for Labour Charges For Erection, Commissioning & Testing Of 1St Stage Embedded Parts, 2Nd Stage Embedded Parts, Trunnion Girder, Anchor Bars, Sill Beam, Trunnion, Horizontal Girder, End Arm With Bracing, Wall Plate, Skin Plate, Hoist Bridge, Hoist Equipments And Fitting Of Side & Bottom Seal For Radial Gates And Erection Of 1St Stage & 2Nd Stage Embedded Parts For Stoplog Of Spillway For Ret Irrigation Project
Tenders are invited for Repair maintanance of embedded components, gate shutter, hoist bridge and hoisting arrangement with manual, Electrical and generator operated of CR gates at Km 0.