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v. i.1.To leap; to caper; to romp noisily.
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In a study by Hoit et al20, 92% of young patients with AMI were men and 8% were women.
11 Frelinghuysen (R ) 90% + + + + + 12 HoIt (D ) 10% - - - - - 13 Sires (D ) 0% - - - - - NEW MEXICO 1 Heinrich (D ) 0% - - - - - 2 Teague (D ) 11% - + - - - 3 Lujan (D ) 0% - - - - - NEW YORK 1 Bishop, T (D ) 0% - - - - - 2 Israel (D ) 0% - - - - - 3 King, P.
In 1986, Hoit and Hixon measured twelve subjects and placed them into somatotype groups using Carter's formula.
Oxford High School was designed by Strekalovsky & Hoit Architects of Hingham and was built in 2002 by Neponset Valley Contractors III of Readville, a joint venture of E.
Weak or paralysed respiratory muscles lead to reduced lung volume, ineffective cough, increased respiratory tract infections, reduced chest wall compliance, and an increased oxygen cost of breathing (Brown, DiMarco, Hoit, & Garshick, 2006; Chen, Lien, & Wu, 1990).
Hoit, in an impassioned attack on "fanatical" abolitionists, feared that "emancipation completes the social and political equality of the races.
Hoit is a world traveler, inventor, and published writer.
Hoit (Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Research Scientist of the Institute for Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Member of the Committee on Neuroscience, and Coordinator of the Graduate Training Program in Survival Skills and Ethics at the University of Arizona), Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders: Principles And Methods is an in-depth intricate analysis of the perpetual study of speech and breathing disorders.
The program, "Leading Ladies of the Capital Markets: From the Ground Floor to the Glass Ceiling," will feature a dynamic panel, including Alice Connell, TIAA-CREF; Gentry Hoit, Shorenstein Company; Merrie Frankel, Moody's Investors Services; and Carolyn Sullivan, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker.
El ano de 1997 fue decisivo, Yuldeshev y Namanagani unieron esfuerzos una vez mas en Hoit, ello provoco que el gobierno uzbeco inmediatamente aumentara su fuerza represiva y coercitiva para acabar con los lideres opositores a su regimen.
We can't have title holders walking when they're seen in public,' mused Miss Wheelchair America treasurer Judy Hoit.
Fred Hoit, who manages the wireless LAN department at UPS, which recently installed a host of Bluetooth devices, says that UPS has tried to eliminate any potential threats from OBEX by not using the protocol at all.