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The Chan Hol individual confirms a late Pleistocene settling of Mesoamerica and represents one of the oldest human osteological remains in America," the authors wrote.
Die karakter in die eenvroustuk Hol, Liesbet, is anoreksies en bulimies.
With the acquisition of HOL, Vodafone makes a key step in its plan to unify its communication strategies in Greenec, the company stated earlier this year.
Hol Chan Reef Resort and Villas wishes to express their gratitude to everyone who has participated in the photo contest for April.
Since hol is a group homomorphism, its image hol([GAMMA]) is a subgroup of K.
For this reviewer, HOL offered a more intense experience of historical migrant labor issues.
With 60 percent of the skeleton intact, the Chan Hol skeleton is extremely valuable to archaeologists.
At about 60 percent complete, the Young Man of Chan Hol skeleton is remarkably whole for a 10,000-year-old specimen, the researchers said.
HOL shares 45,000 clients with Vodafone, about 13% of its total customer base.
The Norwegian bank Hol Sparebank issued on Tuesday (15 August) its report for the first half of the year, posting a pre-tax result of NOK3.
I think this is a very honorable way of raising money for environmental causes, said Tommy Hol Ellingsen, the twenty-seven-year-old creator of the www.
Protner has launched two wet wipe machines which include a humid online wetting system called the Hol system.