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Noun1.Holbrookia - earless lizards
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
earless lizard - any of several slender lizards without external ear openings: of plains of western United States and Mexico
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Diplodus holbrooki, Spottail Pinfish [Sparidae]; Holbrookia, a genus of earless lizards [Phrynosomatidae]).
The keeled earless lizard, Holbrookia propinqua, is a stenothermal arenophilus lizard restricted to loose sandy soils of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico (Judd, 1973; Axtell, 1998).
Atractis penneri is widespread and has been reported in lizards of the genera Callisaurus, Crotaphytus, Gambelia, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, Sceloporus, Uma and Uta occurring from the western United States, northern Mexico and Baja California (Baker 1987).
Within Phrynosomatinae are the genera Callisaurus, Cophosaurus, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, and Uma, and within Sceloporinae are Petrosaurus, Sceloporus, Urosaurus, and Uta.
Holbrookia elegans ranges from coastal southern Sinaloa, Mexico, north through central and eastern Sonora, to south central Arizona, and to extreme southwestern New Mexico where it inhabits mesquite grasslands and grassy oak and juniper woodlands (Axtell 2009).
We compared the specimens with modem skeletal material of Callisaurus, Cophosaurus, Holbrookia, Petrosaurus, Phrynosoma, Sceloporus, Uma, Urosaurus, and Uta.
Finally, areas on the Engineering Initiative Group-Leased Training Area may have been suitable for the lesser earless lizard Holbrookia maculata; however, this species is common on sandy or gravelly soils (Conant and Collins, 1998).
sexlineatus are sand-loving species, the former is mostly limited to alluvial deposits (Walker 1987a) whereas the latter is mostly limited to broadly distributed eolian deposits where species of the lizard genus Holbrookia and the sandbur genus Cenchrus are ecological indicators (Paulissen et al.
A method of counting some diurnal ground lizards of the general Holbrookia and Cnemidophorus with results from Big Bend National Park.
An ecological study of the lizard genera Holbrookia and Cnemidophorus in the Big Bend National Park, with a checklist of the reptiles and amphibians.