Home ruler

one who favors or advocates home rule.

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Libertarian has since shown his York win was no fluke by chasing home Ruler Of The World in the Derby.
Indeed, throughout the course of "Solitary and Wild," Fitzpatrick deftly unstitches Louis's "finely embroidered autobiographical writings" to illustrate how the poet has woven a compelling, if skewed, portrait of his father, which was driven in part by a desire for personal reconciliation, what Fitzpatrick convincingly proves is that MacNeice's father was not in fact the Home Ruler his son portrayed him to be, but a politically more nuanced and guarded figure who, in later life, reinterpreted parts of his earlier career in order to pursue a more intercommunal, irenic approach to the social and religious difficulties in the troubled North of Ireland.
It was presided over by the Reverend Canon O' Sullivan, the Vicar General of St Chad's, who was a committed Home Ruler.
But in other respects, as Regan-Lefebvre observes, his life was an exceptional one for a Victorian Irishman: 'he was a member of a religious minority, a businessman in a largely agrarian economy, and a home ruler who rejected ethnic nationalism' (p.
74) A few months later, this narrative device would again be ridiculed in "A Sham Home Ruler," when Foy declared his intention to go to Ireland to help "Tay Pay O'Connor lift the Saxon's heel off the neck of sufferin' Erin.
He became a champion of Gaelic, a defender of the crofters, and a Home Ruler (while also supporting the British Empire).
Because he could be such a seeming contradiction--the Catholic champion who was despised by the Quebec bishops, an Irish Home Ruler who ardently defended the British Empire, the perfectly bilingual bishop who had no use for bilingual education--Fallon's historical reputation remains something of a riddle.
In politics he moved through the full spectrum, from Imperial Unionist, to Liberal, to Home Ruler and by the last years of his life, to uncompromising Irish Republican.
For instance, the Home Ruler of 1912 Padraig Pearse became the revolutionary of 1916 while the revolutionary Gerry Adams of 1972 has adopted the methods of constitutional politics in recent years.
Freeman, another Oxonian and ironically, a Home Ruler,
Winner of the Dante Stakes at York in May, the colt outran his odds at Epsom when chasing home Ruler Of The World, finishing as well as anything under William Buick.
The formidable Irishwoman was enrolled as a Special Constable during the Paisley riots when the Irish Home Rulers clashed with the Orangemen.