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a.1.Receiving or having received formal education, especially primary or secondary education, at home rather than in a school. The instruction at home may be accomplished by parents or by professionals who come to the home; as, home-schooled students often get higher test scores than those educated in schools.
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A new committee, including representatives from the home-schooling community, who will meet and provide feedback to the VRQA and Department on the operation of the regulations
The children can also sign up for special activities and classes (for example, in sports and music) of the home-schooling institution, or other groups.
In a sense, home-schooling is the oldest form of education in America.
In addition to the demographics, the primary motivations to choose home-schooling were also examined between the regional sample and the national sample.
In June 2009 the family court finally held a hearing to decide the home-schooling dispute.
While the committee says that registering for home-schooling should remain voluntary, it remains to be seen if this has any impact on the Government's plans to introduce compulsory registration.
Indeed, home-schooling families now enjoy a high level of public support and admiration as well as generally positive press.
Even though home-schooling is no easy feat and un-heard of in this part of the world, it started off with eight families choosing to educate their children at home instead of placing them in schools.
It's been 20 years since Joyce Burges began home-schooling her five children near Baton Rouge, La.
Although the court was only supposed to rule on a single case, it over stepped its bounds by attempting to criminalize all home-schooling parents.
During the 1970s, many so-called hippie parents began home-schooling their children, even though it was illegal in most states.
We started home-schooling our children probably six years ago," he said.