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1. A house, especially a farmhouse, with adjoining buildings and land.
2. Law Property qualifying as a person's home under certain laws, such as laws providing tax abatements and exemptions, survivorship rights for spouse and children, and immunity from claims of creditors.
3. Land claimed by a settler or squatter, especially under the Homestead Act.
4. The place where one's home is.
v. home·stead·ed, home·stead·ing, home·steads
To settle and farm land, especially under the Homestead Act.
To claim and settle (land) as a homestead.

home′stead′er n.


(in Britain) n
(Social Welfare)
a. a scheme whereby council tenants are enabled to buy derelict property from the council and renovate it with the aid of Government grants
b. (as modifier): a homesteading scheme.
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In barnyards and backyards, on rooftops and in alleyways, a development called the modern homesteading movement is happening.
The urban homesteading community united in protest against the Dervaes Institute by starting two new Facebook pages and an online petition on www.
We were excited to begin making our homesteading dreams a reality.
In the end, we selected three winners and three runners-up who embody, to us, the real spirit of a gritty homesteading tradition.
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As in Little House on the Prairie, the many details here of what it tares to survive in a harsh land and climate make homesteading and history come alive.
In these books, Micheaux brings to the Great Plains the ideals of homesteading as cemented in the Homestead Act of 1862 (1) and the Frontier Thesis of Frederick Jackson Turner.
GeoCities' homesteading program enables GeoCitizens to create free personal home pages and generate their own content, embracing color graphics, links to favorite web sites and any personal information they want to share with the virtual world.
With that goal in mind, MOTHER EARTH NEWS and our sister magazine GRIT invite you to participate as we host International Homesteading Education Month this September.
Although it's possible to homestead solo, and there are many o can and do, I suspect for the majority of homesteaders it is by necessity a shared enterprise of many hands and complimentary skill sets that most efficiently provides the benefits of a homesteading life.
Because I believe that homesteading is important, that it fosters the creativity and freedom that America needs to meet the challenges of our uncertain future, I spend time thinking about ways to make homesteading more successful.
And this new wave of homesteading is not just about learning to make do with less.