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n.1.A small eminence of a conical form, of land or of ice; a knoll; a hillock. See Hummock.
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1992 MANCHINEEL Hippomane mancinella, 1993 Watson Hommock, Fla.
She has held leadership positions as the PT Council President from June 2010 to June 2011 as well as Co-Presidents of Mamaroneck High School, Hommocks Middle School and Central School, all of which are part of the Mamaroneck School district.
On Saturday, September 22, the whole family can participate in the International Coastal Cleanup and be part of a worldwide effort, by helping clean up the Conservancy, as well as Manor Beach and the Hommocks Conservation Area.
8 million construction project, located at the intersection of Hommocks and Boston Post roads, is scheduled to begin this summer, with completion expected by fall 1993.