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1. A genus of primates that includes modern humans (Homo sapiens) and several extinct species.
2. Used in combination with mock Latin adjectives to indicate a type of person or to characterize humans generally, often for humorous effect: Homo apatheticus.

[Latin homō, man; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]


n. pl. ho·mos Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a gay man or lesbian.

[Short for homosexual.]


n, pl -mos
1. (Biology) informal short for homosexual
2. (Psychology) informal short for homosexual


(Cookery) informal Canadian homogenized milk


(Animals) a genus of hominids including modern man (see Homo sapiens) and several extinct species of primitive man, including Homo habilis and Homo erectus
[Latin: man]


(ˈhoʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
usage: This term is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting.
n. Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive.
(a term used to refer to a homosexual.)
[1925–30; by shortening]


(ˈhoʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
1. (italics) the genus of bipedal primates that includes modern humans and several extinct forms, as H. erectus and H. habilis, distinguished by their large brains and a dependence on tools.
2. (sometimes l.c.)
a. a member of this genus.
b. the species Homo sapiens or one of its members.
[1590–1600; < Latin homō man; Old Latin hemō, akin to humus ground, soil (see humus); c. Old English guma, Welsh dyn man, Lithuanian žmónės men]


a combining form meaning “same, identical”: homogeneous; homosexual.
Also, esp. before a vowel, hom-.
[< Greek, comb. form of homós one and the same; akin to Skt sama-; see same]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.homo - someone who practices homosexualityhomo - someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
gay man, shirtlifter - a homosexual man
gay woman, lesbian, tribade - a female homosexual
2.homo - any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriagehomo - any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage
lumbus, loin - either side of the backbone between the hipbone and the ribs in humans as well as quadrupeds
hominid - a primate of the family Hominidae
genus Homo - type genus of the family Hominidae
human beings, human race, humankind, humans, mankind, humanity, world, man - all of the living human inhabitants of the earth; "all the world loves a lover"; "she always used `humankind' because `mankind' seemed to slight the women"
Homo erectus - extinct species of primitive hominid with upright stature but small brain; "Homo erectus was formerly called Pithecanthropus erectus"
Homo soloensis - extinct primitive hominid of late Pleistocene; Java; formerly Javanthropus
Homo habilis - extinct species of upright East African hominid having some advanced humanlike characteristics
Homo sapiens - the only surviving hominid; species to which modern man belongs; bipedal primate having language and ability to make and use complex tools; brain volume at least 1400 cc
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, Neandertal, Neandertal man, Neanderthal, Neanderthal man - extinct robust human of Middle Paleolithic in Europe and western Asia
body, organic structure, physical structure - the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being); "he felt as if his whole body were on fire"
chassis, bod, human body, material body, physical body, physique, build, anatomy, figure, flesh, frame, shape, soma, form - alternative names for the body of a human being; "Leonardo studied the human body"; "he has a strong physique"; "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"
body hair - short hair growing over a person's body
head of hair, mane - growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being
human head - the head of a human being
side - either the left or right half of a body; "he had a pain in his side"
foot, human foot, pes - the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint; "his bare feet projected from his trousers"; "armored from head to foot"
arm - a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb
hand, manus, mitt, paw - the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb; "he had the hands of a surgeon"; "he extended his mitt"
face, human face - the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear; "he washed his face"; "I wish I had seen the look on his face when he got the news"
nutrition - the scientific study of food and drink (especially in humans)
Homo rhodesiensis, Rhodesian man - a primitive hominid resembling Neanderthal man but living in Africa
schistosome dermatitis, swimmer's itch - a sensitization reaction to repeated invasion of the skin by cercariae of schistosomes
hyperdactyly, polydactyly - birth defect characterized by the presence of more than the normal number of fingers or toes
syndactylism, syndactyly - birth defect in which there is partial or total webbing connecting two or more fingers or toes




(o.f.) [ˈhəʊməʊ] N (pej) ABBR =homosexualmarica m


n (pej inf)Homo m (dated inf)