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Moderate contraindications or more accurately stated, moderate exclusionary criteria include previous thoracic surgery, homodynamic instability, morbid obesity, advanced multisystem connective tissue disease and any multi-system pathology that remains unresolved.
Compared the characteristics of induction, homodynamic changes during induction and maintenance of anaesthesia, time until awakening, the incidence of complication/side effect, recovery and discharge of the patient
The growth factors and cytokines are of particular interest because they are involved in all aspects of the fluid homodynamic.
These are very important for the analysis of flow characteristics of micropolar fluid like colloidal suspension, liquid crystals, fluids with additives, suspension solutions, animal blood, inkjet and printing, microfluidics, geological flows in the earth mantle, homodynamic liquid crystals, additive suspensions, and many others.
According to the results of the present study, the course of general anesthesia during C/S can be divided into three different phases according to changes in the BIS values and homodynamic parameters:
Physical training effects on heart failure: Anatomic, homodynamic and metabolic implications.
During ovulation, distinct homodynamic and structural changes occur in the ovary.
The pathogenesis of these lesions is poorly understood, with homodynamic and hormonal factors suggested.
3a) means relative reactivity of three homodynamic parameters, then the three terms of Eq.