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a.1.(Bot.) Having all the flowers of a plant alike in respect to the stamens and pistils.
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The homogonous loss of lives we are now witnessing through police brutality is just a tip of the icebergs more is yet to come if we allow the two in power,' said Atandi.
I read somewhere and I have to agree that women are not a homogonous group and that we as such, have very different experiences, needs and expectations.
The DEA efficiency of the firm is measured by estimating the ratio of virtual outputs to virtual inputs in relation to the group of homogonous firms-Decision Making Units (Cooper, Seiford and Tone, 2007).
Needless to say, the pre-release expectation from 'Ek Tha Tiger' was homogonous.
The researchers also used a rotary suspension culture method developed by McDevitt to produce with high efficiency homogonous 3D clumps of embryonic stem cells called embryoid bodies.