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a.1.(Bot.) Having all the flowers of a plant alike in respect to the stamens and pistils.
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I read somewhere and I have to agree that women are not a homogonous group and that we as such, have very different experiences, needs and expectations.
Needless to say, the pre-release expectation from 'Ek Tha Tiger' was homogonous.
In the year 2000 a gasket comprised of a 50/50 homogonous blend of TFM and atomic particles of 316L stainless was introduced.
The RV550800--Rotor Stator Tri-Shaft with Solvent Reduction Process is a turnkey processing plant that mixes complex products using a combination of rotorstator, disperser and slow speed sweep blades to create a homogonous blend.
The valves can fill homogonous products and also jams and marmalades with particulates of fruit, achieving very high accuracy with small standard deviation.
The shadow is nearly homogonous and there are no important gradients inside the region.