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 (hŏm′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′, hō′mə-)
Variant of homolog.


(ˈhɒməˌlɒɡ) or


1. (Biology) biology a homologous part or organ
2. (Chemistry) chem any homologous compound


or ho•mo•log

(ˈhoʊ məˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg, ˈhɒm ə-)

1. something homologous.
2. any member of a homologous series of organic compounds: Ethane is a homologue of the alkane series.
[1840–50; < French < Greek homólogon, neuter of homólogos homologous]
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To fully realise the potential of my discoveries I should like to characterise the human homologs of these transporters in glioma culture and in vivo models, which will require me to change both my scientific field and model system.
org/, reveals that the prolyl tRNA synthetase from Deinococcaceae groups with the eucaryal and archaeal homologs and not with the typical bacterial prolyl tRNA synthases [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
For carefully chosen protein targets, all three kinetoplastid parasite homologs will be screened against the closest human homolog to establish selectivity.
These include members of the otx, emx, dlx, Hox classes of homeobox genes, as well as homologs of the fork head/HNF-3 class of winged helix genes.
elegans, and their homologs in mammals, may thus play a similar role in the development of two components of these related thermal processing networks.
The anth-eve homeodomains are most similar to even-skipped homologs from other species, particularly the even-skipped homolog of the staghorn coral (Miles and Miller, 1992).
Well-conserved mscL homologs have recently been found in several bacteria, including gram-positive bacteria (Moe et al.
magnifica collected from a sponge population in Djibouti contained both homologs (A & B).
the services object of this tender will consist in the homogenization of the technology of the teleindicadores of the information system of the series 447, For the improvement of its reliability, Replacing the electromechanical ones with other led type homologs.
Given the number of hits, this library can be panned under aggressive conditions, recovering hundreds of subnanomolar binders in under a week, recovering saturating coverage of hits against every epitope, and isolating multi-species cross-reactive members against target homologs without additional engineering.
In searching GenBank, homologs of BmARM-like protein were found in many insects, including Papilio xuthus (KPI94899.
Two proteins are remote homologs when they are structurally and functionally related but at the same time they keep a low sequence identity.