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Of or relating to social relationships between members of the same sex.

ho′mo·so′ci·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.


(Sociology) relating to or denoting same-sex social relationships. Compare heterosocial
homosociality n
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It is Cicero's position at the apex of this triangle of desire that provides a distinctly literary resonance to the explicit homosociality and implicit antifeminism of the fiction.
Their dystopian withdrawal to les Chavignolles, characterized by homosociality, is a response to "heterosexist modes of social formation" (194) and to patriarchy making of this work a "scatological climax to Flaubert's oeuvre" (195).
Rather, to put it more aptly, it is about a group of straight male white middle-class intellectual filmmakers, including co-directors Don Owen and Donald Brittain, planting themselves in the private space of a male public figure, using the alibi of homosociality and the aesthetic of the every day to look at the male body, but disavowing this
Swann suggests that Tradescant established a specifically "artisanal propriety over the objects" through this labor, and that Parkinson's praise reflects a specifically "non-elite homosociality that is rooted in an expertise" (35, 7).
15) My analysis of this triangle and of Brougthon's and Menzies' relationship is informed by Eve Sedgwick's influential work on erotic triangles and male homosociality.
In this case, same-sex affection was not the same as same-sex passion; in a rather different articulation of sex and nature than, say, Tom of Finland's, the "purity" of female homosociality was specifically set against the base physical sexual pleasures of reproductive sex.
From the perspective of classical bureaucracy theory, this homosociality would be seen as a deficit of rationality, but this misses the dual character of trust in bureaucracy.
In rural areas, the homosociality of the saloon was, if possible, even more pronounced than in more anonymous urban areas.
Interestingly, while the novel foregrounds the bonds of homosociality between these men, it also refrains from sexualizing their interactions.
Future research will have to conjugate the growing theoretical bibliography in queer studies with work on homosociality and the construction of masculinities.
These feelings of resentment seemed to be the price some women with more traditional ideologies paid for accepting feeling rules which incorporated men's right to leisure and male homosociality.