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a. homotópico-a, que ocurre en o corresponde al mismo lugar o parte.
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This proposal concerns the study of certain moduli spaces via techniques from homotopy theory, From several different points of view.
From the Basic Homotopy Lemma to the Classification of C*-Algebras
It is usually formulated as finding navigation paths under homotopy class constraints.
We should mention that Bjorner-Wachs and Randal-Williams actually proved the stronger result that |K(A)| is homotopy equivalent to a wedge of spheres of dimension |A| - 1.
Given Harris's background in category theory, one might expect him to promote Homotopy Type Theory (Voevodsky's Univalent Foundations of Mathematics) as an alternative contemporary foundation for mathematics.
For reducing the computational time, a homotopy perturbation inversion method has been widely used in real applications, such as nonlinear systems, optimal control, and heat transfer equation [18-20].
Homotopy analysis method (HAM) is implemented for obtaining the convergent series solutions of the transformed equations.
An Illustrated Introduction To Topology And Homotopy
We use this notion to present a homotopy type result for this class of maps.
The homotopy analysis method (HAM), has been developed by Liao [17, 18, 19] in 1997, and has been widely applied to solve many important problems such as [6, 7, 13, 14, 15].