Honorary Secretary

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Dr Sharp is the honorary secretary of the Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia charity.
on the 23rd day of September 2014 by Thomas Ryan the Honorary Secretary of Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club for Renewal of the Certificate of Registration of Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club in respect of Club premises situate at Bettystown in the County of Meath.
Phil Stokes, honorary secretary of the Harborne Society, said: "The initial response has been very poor, but we are hoping that more traders will enter into the spirit of Christmas next year.
Anyone who would like to visit the club should contact John Calder, honorary secretary, on (0191) 274 5254 .
He became assistant honorary secretary to the village lifeboat in 1961, took over as honorary secretary two years later and served until his retirement in 1992 when he was appointed its president.
Initial talks with BCCI honorary secretary Niranjan Shah while Lamb was in Chandigarh last week, proved fruitless.
Reg, from Chapelfields, is a member of Coventry art guild and honorary secretary to the city's Triumph Art Society.
Chairman of the Visakhapatnam branch of IME Amit Bhatnagar, IME honorary secretary D.
on the 23rd day of September 2014 by Terrie Reilly the Honorary Secretary of Boyne Rovers A.
We arrange reunion events which are regularly attended by more than 250 former pupils," said Mick Kenna, honorary secretary of the group.
Apply with CV to Keith Shaw, Honorary Secretary, 44 Swaledale Gardens, Heaton, Newcastle NE7 7TB.
Captain Martin Forster pointed out the association had enjoyed 36 events mainly thanks to the support of clubs, sponsors and the work of honorary secretary Ray Sentance, a tireless worker in the post for 19 years.

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