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a.1.Having no hood.
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In 1940, the skeletal remains in question were found on Nikumaroro Island in the Pacific Ocean, which Hoodless said in the same year could not be Earhart's because they belonged to a man.
Hoodless of the Central Medical School the following year, Jantz argues that it is likely that forensic osteology - the study of bones - was still in its early stages, which therefore affected his assessment of which sex the remains belonged to.
1897: The Women's Institute was founded at Stoney Creek, Ontario, by Adelaide Hoodless.
In the early 1900s, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, whose young son died as a result of drinking contaminated milk, led the way in advocating for legal reforms mandating its pasteurization in Canada.
George's barn quilt trail, the Adelaide Hoodless Homestead Museum, and pioneer music and dancing taught by Sheffield Museum curator Marty Pullin.
Speaking after the Statement by the Housing Executive s Chairman, Donald Hoodless, Minister McCausland said: I welcome the statement that has been made by the Chairman of the Housing Executive today and that a resolution and conclusion has been reached to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
Mr McCausland insisted the PS18million figure was provided by Housing Executive chairman Donald Hoodless.
Roger Hoodless, senior research engineer and environmental co-ordinator at BAE Systems, says that moving the processes to other countries is not the answer.
Dr Andrew Hoodless, from the trust and a world authority on woodcocks, said: "Compared to many other birds, we still know very little about woodcock behaviour and ecology because of its very secretive nature.
Junkie John Surtees threatened Jean Hoodless, 65, with a blade in her flat but a court was told she replied: "If you think you're getting anything, you've got another thing coming.
com)-- Connector distributor BTC Electronic Components (BTC) has announced the expansion of their product roster with Preci-Dip AS39029 (formerly Mil-C-39029) QPL Listed and Hoodless Contacts.
1897 The Women's Institute was founded by Mrs Hoodless in Ontario, Canada.