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 (hŏp′kĭnz), Gerard Manley 1844-1889.
British poet known for a number of works published posthumously, including "The Wreck of the Deutschland" and "The Windhover."


, Johns 1795-1873.
American financier and philanthropist who left $7 million to found the hospital and university in Baltimore that bear his name.


1. (Biography) Sir Anthony. born 1937, Welsh actor: his films include Bounty (1984), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Shadowlands (1994), Nixon (1995), and Hannibal (2001)
2. (Biography) Sir Frederick Gowland (ˈɡaʊlənd). 1861–1947, British biochemist, who pioneered research into what came to be called vitamins: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1929)
3. (Biography) Gerard Manley. 1844–89, British poet and Jesuit priest, who experimented with sprung rhythm in his highly original poetry
4. (Biography) Harry L(loyd). 1890–1946, US administrator. During World War II he was a personal aide to President Roosevelt and administered the lend-lease programme


(ˈhɒp kɪnz)

1. Sir Frederick Gowland, 1861–1947, English physician and biochemist: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1929.
2. Gerard Manley, 1844–89, English poet.
3. Johns, 1795–1873, U.S. financier and philanthropist.
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Noun1.Hopkins - United States educator and theologian (1802-1887)Hopkins - United States educator and theologian (1802-1887)
2.Hopkins - United States financier and philanthropist who left money to found the university and hospital that bear his name in Baltimore (1795-1873)
3.Hopkins - English poet (1844-1889)
4.Hopkins - English biochemist who did pioneering work that led to the discovery of vitamins (1861-1947)
5.Hopkins - Welsh film actor (born in 1937)
References in classic literature ?
Ah, Hopkins, I got your wire last night, and I have been expecting you.
I recognized him at once as Stanley Hopkins, a young police inspector, for whose future Holmes had high hopes, while he in turn professed the admiration and respect of a pupil for the scientific methods of the famous amateur.
A heavy footstep was heard upon the stairs, and Jack Hopkins presented himself.
By the bye, Bob,' said Hopkins, with a scarcely perceptible glance at Mr.
Micawber's compliments, and I was his young friend, and would Captain Hopkins lend me a knife and fork.
Captain Hopkins lent me the knife and fork, with his compliments to Mr.
Hopkins is an excellent person--but Hopkins has a tongue.
Hopkins, another grocer, could not be budged beyond five dollars.
Wasn't the experience of Dancer, and Elwes, and Hopkins, and Blewbury Jones, and ever so many more of 'em, similar to mine?
Hopkins, an English actress, and, the match meeting with parental disapproval, had himself taken to the stage as a profession.
This is certain, that if the world neglected Miss Sharp, she never was known to have done a good action in behalf of anybody; nor can it be expected that twenty-four young ladies should all be as amiable as the heroine of this work, Miss Sedley (whom we have selected for the very reason that she was the best-natured of all, otherwise what on earth was to have prevented us from putting up Miss Swartz, or Miss Crump, or Miss Hopkins, as heroine in her place
TO THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE: On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, U.