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 (hôr′əs, hŏr′-) Originally Quintus Horatius Flaccus. 65-8 bc.
Roman lyric poet. His Odes and Satires have exerted a major influence on English poetry.

Ho·ra′tian (hə-rā′shən) adj.


(Poetry) of, relating to, or characteristic of Horace or his poetry


(həˈreɪ ʃən, hɔ-, hoʊ-)

1. of or pertaining to Horace.
a. of, pertaining to, or resembling the poetic style or diction of Horace.
b. of or noting a Horatian ode.
[1740–50; < Latin Horātiānus=Horāti(us) Horace + -ānus -an1]


[hɒˈreɪʃən] ADJhoraciano


References in classic literature ?
An Horatian ode upon Cromwell's return from Ireland.
Still another, minor, innovation of Wyatt was the introduction into English verse of the Horatian 'satire' (moral poem, reflecting on current follies) in the form of three metrical letters to friends.
As such, the letter turns into an eloquent and elegant reworking of the classic Horatian and Virgilian theme of the superiority of rural over urban culture.
Thus, the Horatian mottos, the revision of Elphinston's translations, the case of the young university students, the Virgilian and the Spenserian imitation models all display the dangers of following authoritative directions.
This chapter establishes that the practices of appropriation and adaptation that characterized much French literary and pictorial production of this period also figured in the composition and performance of strophic songs, some of which were influenced by the villanella, the Horatian ode, and Latin measured verse (transformed into French musique mesurie).
Readers who take the pains to consult the Horatian original will be even more impressed by Chappell's skill and invention and more strongly drawn to virtue as medium vitiorum et utrimque reductum.
Marston is praised as a Horatian satirist and Jonson as a talented writer of tragedies.
The review of Hours of Idleness had not only forced a change in the tone of Byron's British Bards from satire in the Horatian mode to Juvenalian indignation, it also forced him to rethink his own cultural identity.
Marvell used alchemy in the Horatian Ode as a mobilizing ideology that claimed a "scientific," "modem," clear-eyed practicality.
The reference to the underlying Horatian commonplace, ut pictura poesis, may appear as lip service to the tools of writing and painting were it not for Lope's conscious, flowing use of enargeia (painterly description) in the Arcadia and Angelica as well as its constantly embellished practice throughout his literary career.
But all of the time and self-reflection in the world cannot help Lancelot make his speech effective; his delay may be Horatian, but his words, as he himself feels, are flaccid.
In addition to Swift, another satirical seriator was Rabelais, but Carlin apparently rejected the term satirist when applied to himself, though to many of us he may seem to be oscillating between the Swiftian savage indignation of Juvenalian ridicule and the amused contempt of Horatian.