Horizontal projection

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a projection made on a plane parallel to the horizon.

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o] is the ball spin rate for a horizontal projection angle ([theta] = 0[degrees]), and [B.
To build the horizontal projection of the ellipse a series of planes, perpendicular to the cone axis, are drawn, each of which intersects the cone along a circle and the horizontal-projecting plane in a horizontal perpendicular to the frontal plane.
omicron]] is the projection velocity for a horizontal projection angle ([theta] = 0[degrees]) and a is a measure of the curvature.
Again by combination of vertical and horizontal projection we could find the answers.
The proprietary optical and cooling mechanism technology used in the PLC- XL50 allows both vertical and horizontal projection.
Then we apply a horizontal projection to this gradient image.
AnyPlace technology, adjusts for the vertical and horizontal projection angles to the screen, allowing users to place the projector anywhere in the room and still display a perfect image.
The hole intersected 34 meters of kimberlite between 38 and 72 meters giving a horizontal projection of 22 meters.