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Any of various birds of the family Bucerotidae of tropical Asia and Africa, having a very large bill often with an enlarged protuberance at the base.


(Animals) any bird of the family Bucerotidae of tropical Africa and Asia, having a very large bill with a basal bony protuberance: order Coraciiformes (kingfishers, etc)



any of various large birds of the family Bucerotidae, of the Old World tropics, having a massive, curved bill, usu. with a horny protuberance.
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Noun1.hornbill - bird of tropical Africa and Asia having a very large bill surmounted by a bony protuberancehornbill - bird of tropical Africa and Asia having a very large bill surmounted by a bony protuberance; related to kingfishers
coraciiform bird - chiefly short-legged arboreal nonpasserine birds that nest in holes


[ˈhɔːnbɪl] Nbúcero m
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The ferocity of their fierce faces was accentuated by the upturned, bristling tiger cat's teeth which protruded from every ear; while the long feathers of the Argus pheasant waving from their war-caps, the brilliant colors of their war-coats trimmed with the black and white feathers of the hornbill, and the strange devices upon their gaudy shields but added to the savagery of their appearance as they danced and howled, menacing and intimidating, in the path of the charging foe.
Joan rode on among the avenues of young cocoanut-palms, saw a hornbill, followed it in its erratic flights to the high forest on the edge of the plantation, heard the cooing of wild pigeons and located them in the deeper woods, followed the fresh trail of a wild pig for a distance, circled back, and took the narrow path for the bungalow that ran through twenty acres of uncleared cane.
Zoologists from Trinity College have found the love life of the hornbills has already been boosted.
The caged bird chapter focuses mostly on psittacine species, with a limited amount of information on pigeons, canaries, and hornbills.
The issue of whether mud is used in captivity and if mud should be furnished to captive birds may have conservation implications because captive breeding of endangered hornbills is one of the proposed ways to manage these species (Kemp 1995).
The sensitivity of hornbills in particular to logging disturbance may be expected to alter rainforest dynamics by seriously reducing the effective seed dispersal of associated tree species.
The impressive new building, almost 40ft high, will house other species including hornbills, tree shrews, peafowl, squirrels and tortoises.
for birds: pigeons, cuckoos, hornbills, bulbuls, babblers, flycatchers, spiderhunters, and flowerpeckers; for mammals: treeshrews, monkeys, squirrels, and civets) with some exceptions (e.
For hornbills the DSNP seems to be suitable as all species known for Borneo have been recorded.
Selective removal of large trees in the Western Ghats in India, our study area, could limit populations of large birds such as hornbills by diminishing nesting opportunities.
This study reports hematocrit and blood chemistry values for captive adult individuals belonging to 3 genera of hornbills (Bucerotidae), Aceros, Anthracoceros, and Ceratogymna, and evaluates genera and gender specific differences in these values.
Hornbills were never omen birds in animist Borneo, but whenever a hornbill appears in the back yard I take the event as auspicious.