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n.1.One who, or that which, blows a horn.
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Wilberforce's, whose politics he admired, and had that famous correspondence with the Reverend Silas Hornblower, on the Ashantee Mission.
We've pulled out all the stops to make an incredible cruising experience for celebrating our mothers," said Terry MacRae, CEO of Hornblower Cruises & Events.
Image: Principled Welsh heart-throb Best known for: Playing dashing seafarer Horatio Hornblower Early life: Born October 6, 1973 in Cardiff, to teachers Peter and Gillian but raised in Aberdare.
Bless the old sea dog, Horatio is feeling a wee bit nervous about his impending nuptuals to his intended Maria, although all this square-jawed chin-quivering rubbish goes out of the window when Hornblower gets waylaid with a new mission to France.
Hornblower is filled with trepidation on his wedding day, but has given his word and couldn't dishonour his bride Maria and live with himself.
As maritime hero Horatio Hornblower, Ioan finds time for romance when he's on shore leave with his landlady's daughter Maria Mason, played by Absolutely Fabulous actress Julia.
In this story (the one we were all secretly waiting for through the whole book) the main character uses ideas from the Hornblower novels to turn the tables in the face of insurmountable odds.
The 28-year-old star of Hornblower quashed persistent rumours that he may be taking over from Pierce Brosnan as the new 007, claiming it was a project for the future.
After Hornblower and Man And Boy, he stars as architect Philip in this lavish pounds 6.
FIRED UP: Ioan Gruffudd (far left) is back as Hornblower, with Paul McGann, Jamie Bamber and (inset) David Warner
HORNBLOWER takes to the high seas again for more adventures aboard the 74-gun ship HMS Renown.
The ultimate ``boy's own'' adventure series, ``Horatio Hornblower,'' returns to the small screen in fine form with a pair of two-hour episodes - ``The Mutiny'' and ``Retribution'' - airing tonight and April 15.