Horned frog

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(Zool.) a very large Brazilian frog (Ceratophrys cornuta), having a pair of triangular horns arising from the eyelids.

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And DZ's Ornate horned frog, Albi, who can be found in the Discovery Centre, is helping us raise awareness.
The children were also paid a special visit by the owners of a small menagerie, and were able to handle guinea pigs, rats, a corn snake, tarantula spider and a horned frog.
An Argentinian horned frog at Liverpool's World Museum where there are a whole host of displays | An Argentinian horned frog at Liverpool's World Museum where there are a whole host of displays
Last week, a giant Argentinian horned frog was brought in.
The library provided a place to greet old friends, while the foyer held the white sour cream wedding cake and the TCU Horned Frog purple groom's cake.
I saw numerous species of reptile and amphibian, including colourful poison dart frogs and the impressive Amazon horned frog, as well as hummingbirds, macaws and three different species of monkey.
Responsibly captive-bred reptiles and amphibians such as red-footed tortoises, lizards (bearded dragons, leopard geckos), snakes (corn snakes, king snakes, ball pythons) and frogs (White's tree frog, ornate horned frog, fire-bellied toad, red-eyed tree frog).
The ornate horned frog and the tiger salamander are very adaptable and can survive under a variety of conditions.
This week's improbable treats included a horned frog puffing itself up and wailing hideously "like a banshee" (Hong Kong Garden?
The light-sensitive skin cells of the African horned frog may have resolved a lingering mystery about the internal biological clock that all mammals possess, suggests a new study.
His recent stars were an Argentinean horned frog in The Fast Show and the love birds in EastEnders at Christmas.
5 Frog Like most frogs, the horned frog has round, bulging eyeballs.