Horned frog

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(Zool.) a very large Brazilian frog (Ceratophrys cornuta), having a pair of triangular horns arising from the eyelids.

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The Horned Frogs are now fourth after escaping from Texas Tech with a victory.
Teams undergoing uniform changes include the Tennessee Volunteers, North Carolina Tar Heels, Texas Christian (TCU) Horned Frogs, Miami Hurricanes, Colorado Buffalos, and UCLA Bruins, among others.
3, will allow Horned Frogs fans to submit videos of themselves showing their purple pride.
Kenrich Williams scored 10 to lead the Horned Frogs (14-4, 1-4), who were coming off a win at Texas Tech that snapped a 23-game conference losing streak, including postseason tournaments.
Horned frogs are native to South America and are so-called because of a fleshy bump above their eyes.
When the team analyzed the frog's morphology, they found that physically, it fit in with a family of horned frogs called the Ceratophryidae, which are now found only in South America.
In addition, AT&T has joined a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at the home of the TCU Horned Frogs to bring enhanced mobile coverage for fans and visitors at the collegiate sports venue.
There were also three black-tailed prairie dogs, several types of tortoise, five ornate horned frogs, an iguana, a gecko and a degu, a small rodent endemic to central Chile.
The first thing to know is this: Buzbee, like Perry, is a big Aggie; that is the term of art for serious, boosterish, generous alums, whether they are Aggies, Bears, Horned Frogs or Longhorns.
Even with his worst game of the season, Florence, who went 12-for-19 with 289 yards against the Horned Frogs, still leads the country's top passing offense.
Frogs and Toads: A Complete Guide to Fire-Bellied Toads, Horned Frogs, and 40 Other Species" is a guide to these very common creatures near lakes and forests, with special advice on the details on keeping these unique creatures as pets.
Pepperdine 10, Texas Christian 4: The Waves (5-1) scored six runs in the ninth inning to break a 4-4 tie and get the victory over the Horned Frogs (3-3) in the Dairy Queen Classic in Minneapolis.