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 (hôr′nī), Karen Danielsen 1885-1952.
German-born American psychoanalyst who emphasized the role of environmental and cultural factors in the development of neurosis. Her works include Neurosis and Human Growth (1950).


(ˈhɔr naɪ)

Karen, 1885–1952, U.S. psychiatrist and author, born in Germany.
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Noun1.Horney - United States psychiatrist (1885-1952)
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Texas A&M professor Jennifer Horney has found that (https://theconversation.
Katie, who lived alone in Bloxwich, was found dead in her bedroom by stepfather Lee Horney.
Along the lines of flexibility, Nick Horney illuminates the gig economy--the small but growing part of the talent ecosystem that offers near limitless variability.
BARRY Zimmerman is so fed of up the jokes that go along with living on the shores of Lake Horney, Florida, he is demanding a name change.
Please watch out for the "tyranny of the shoulds," a term coined by pioneering psychoanalyst Karen Horney.
These analyses examined the association between area of study, gender identity, age, and personality as determined by the three personality constructs developed by Horney (1940): compliance, aggressiveness and detachment (CAD) and their relationship to the ethical sensitivity scale (ESS).
Narawane is one of more than 80 public health graduate student members of EpiAssist, said Jennifer Horney, PhD, MPH, CPH, an associate professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health and the group's founder.
This group included many important and highly influential thinkers in a wide variety of fields, including such well-known figures as Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse, Leo Szilard, Leo Strauss, Paul Lazarsfeld, John von Newmann, Erich Fromm, and Karen Horney (Jay 1970; Coser 1984; McClay 1994).
Thus he translated Eric Berne, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney, Gregory Bateson, and many others.
The study of hypercompetitiveness stems from research by Karen Horney (1937) who viewed hypercompetitiveness as a dysfunctional form of extreme competitiveness linked to neurosis and representing an indiscriminate need to win at all costs.
Se ha descrito en caballos la presencia de otros diverticulos gastrointestinales no congenitos (Cordes y Dewes, 1971; Yovich y Horney, 1983; Beckman et al.